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Let’s not forget Leaseholders

The Government estimates there are over 2.5 million households in the UK which could benefit from free replacement boilers.  This applies to householders who have old, inefficient or broken boilers and is now open to leaseholders as well as homeowners and landlords.

Older boilers, even those which are working properly, are generally considered to be inefficient. A new A rated boiler will be over 90% efficient, whilst an older boiler may be as little as 65% or lower. This means is that an older boiler has to work much harder to heat your home to the same temperature as a new boiler – using more energy and costing you more money. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a new energy efficient boiler could save between £190 and £240 a year on average household heating bills.

As a result of the new Government policy and funding streams many homes in south Wales could receive free replacement boilers. The scheme is also open to leaseholders, many of whom have been unable to benefit from schemes in the past.

Helen Perkins assistant project director at Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes reported that the scheme had proved very popular. “We’ve been inundated with requests for assistance, and are really pleased with the number of families we’ve been able to assist” she said, “from pensioners in their 90s, single parent families and families with young children, provided they receive qualifying benefits and their boilers meet the required criteria we’ve been able to install new energy efficient boilers in their homes”.

Householders will need to be receiving a qualifying benefit, which could include pension credit, tax credits or income related benefits, in order to be eligible for the scheme. The full list of qualifying benefits is available on the Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes website or you can ring to find out if you are eligible. Don’t forget you’ll also need to provide details of your boiler make and model.