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Family’s Free Boiler Joy!

A broken boiler was something Ruth Evans didn’t need when her central heating boiler broke down, leaving her family without heating or hot water.

With two small children they had to boil the kettle just to get hot water.

But thanks to Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes (WWCG), the family has a new energy efficient boiler installed free of charge.

Their existing boiler was over 15 years old and very inefficient, struggling to heat their 3 storey home in Treorchy. But when it finally stopped working Miss Evans, 32, her partner Andrew and two small children Catrin 2 and a half years and 1 year old Rhiannedd were unable to heat their home.

Fortunately Miss Evans read about the free boiler scheme and got in touch with WWCG to see if she was eligible. She was delighted to discover she was entitled to a new free boiler which was installed by A&M Energy Solutions.

“The workmanship was very good and professional” said Miss Evans. “It was really inconvenient when the system broke down and having to boil the kettle to get hot water for the children. The scheme from Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes came at just the right time for us. It’s a great government backed scheme which has saved us so much money. The scheme ran as smoothly as described”.

Helen Perkins assistant projects director at WWCG commented “we’re really happy to be able to assist Miss Evans and her family as we have. The scheme is available to others who may have an old inefficient boiler and are in receipt of key benefits. They just need to check with us to see if they’re eligible”.

To qualify householders will need to be receiving a qualifying benefit, which could include pension credit, tax credits or income related benefits.

Miss Evans added “It’s been brilliant. I’m so happy I’ve been telling all my friends and family about it and suggesting they check to see if they could benefit from the scheme as well”.

Call 01639 825 960 to see if you are eligible or email