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Keeping the Children Warm

A broken boiler was something Ruth Evans didn’t need when her central heating boiler broke down, leaving her family without heating or hot water. With two small children they had to boil the kettle just to get hot water.

Their existing boiler was over 15 years old and very inefficient, struggling to heat their 3 storey home. But when it finally stopped working Miss Evans, 32, her partner Andrew and two small children Catrin 2½ years and 1 year old Rhiannedd were unable to heat their home.

Fortunately Miss Evans qualified for the free boiler scheme run by Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes, and was able to have a new boiler installed free of charge.

It was really inconvenient when the system broke down and having to boil the kettle to get hot water for the children” said Miss Evans, “the scheme from Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes came at just the right time for us”.

The installation took 2 days from start to finish due to the higgledy-piggledy nature of the house. The workmen were very professional and the house is now a lot warmer upstairs, and it’s more efficient”.

The scheme came at just the right time for us” said Miss Evans, “We received a new boiler free of charge which was fitted quickly and without fuss by A&M Energy Solutions, despite the fiddly nature of the work needed in our home. Everything ran as smoothly as described, and I’ve been so pleased I’ve been telling my family and friends about it. It’s definitely worth seeing if you’re eligible”.