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Claim a Grant in Gas Safety Week

This week is Gas Safety Week across the United Kingdom when householders are encouraged to take practical steps to ensure the safety of appliances in their homes.

Many households have converted to gas recently as it is considered to be the cheapest form of fuel compared to oil and coal. It is also the cleanest of these fuels, having the lowest carbon dioxide emissions, making it less harmful to the atmosphere.

There is now an additional benefit for people who have recently converted to gas central heating. A grant is currently available to qualifying householders who now use mains gas to heat their homes for the first time.

Householders who previously used coal, oil or electric to heat their home but have now converted to a mains gas central heating system may be eligible to claim a grant of up to £100.

Local resident Mrs Rees from Neath has already claimed her grant and received her cheque from the grant fund. She said “The gas central heating has been a real benefit to us, especially with winter coming. It’s been a real bonus to receive the grant after we’d had the heating installed”.

The grant fund is being administered by Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes, a community interest company.  Scheme Manager Helen Perkins said “We know householders incur costs when installing gas central heating, so we want as many qualifying householders as possible to benefit from this grant”

To find out if you are eligible for a grant contact Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes on 01639 825960 or by email at